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Week 1 of DS106

I feel proud of what i have accomplished this week. It was fun making time for a little creativity. With a son, two other classes, and a boyfriend it is sometimes difficult to take time out and let a little creativity drain from my brain. I wish I had gottn things to run a bit more smoothly, I am currently having problems with canavs but I also have been having problems with canvas with my other classes. Seeting up my blog and figuring twitter out were probably my two biggest problems as well as understanding what I was actually supposed to do for each assignment. I really liked just taking pictures this week. I am always saying how I need to take more pictures and I think I’ve found the mtivation to do so and it is nice to share some :) I learned about twitter, how to use gimp, all of these different social connections, and “unanimous thinking”. If I could restart the week I wouldve started before Monday on these activities. I also wouldve been at the googlehangout and tried to stay more connected. I guess my number one question is : Am i doing this right? I feel like I have followed all of the instructions to a point but that could just be from my side of things. I am wondering if I am just doing ds106 completely wrong. The biggest problem with my work is just the sheer lack of time. I get up around 4am when my son wakes up, take care of him until 7 when I begin the 2 hour commute of dropping him off and making it to school Then I have four hours of class with about an hour between them. There is another 2 hour commute to pick my son up and get home. By that point with everything in the middle I get home around 430om. I then make dinner for my family and put my son down to sleep at 830pm most nights (sometimes later). After he is asleep I then get to begin my 3 classes’ worth of homework. When I look at my son’s smiling face though, I know that the 2 hours of sleep I may or may not get is worth it because I will be providing a better future for him. This week with be mcuh more fun because I have more of a grasp on what I need to be doing. And hopefully I will make it to a googlehangout at some point! That is my goal.



Daily Creates:





Gardner Response

Michael Response


Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


I like how he said that you must be on stage, on tv, in the limelight in order to be important. That is the way that the world is seem in this country by many of people. I absolutely loved the commercial where they tell the audience to get to their daughter before the media does. The media influences so many of us but for girls like me, seeing beutiful women on TV makes me want to change every piece of me. Free hugs was a really cool conecpt since it is just random nice people giving affection to their fellow neighbors.

Sharing thoughts through all of the different networking sites it just what today has come to. There are all sorts of ways that people express their imagination with the world. It also makes collaboration so much easier.

I really like the idea of redefining “knowledge” because I absolutely hate the standard multiple choise testing. I would rather be faced with tests that I will face in the real world.

Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure

Connecting in our own personal cyberinfrastructure seems almost asy when Gardner explains it. I agree that to progress in this world that you have to keep with the skill set that is needed in today’s environment. That skill set has a basic base of general use of technology, and now certain media sites. I am fully aware of how dangerous being “connected” can be but that is why you use thechnology intelligently. Cars are also dangerous but that is why we drive safely. I like to think that some of the steps we take online are like what we would do when driving. A secure password being a seat belt, a collision being a virus, our spyware being our insurance and so on.

DS 106 lowdown

I like that he intends on keeping his podcasts shorts. I think that the human mind works better when presented with information in a short amount of time and in a visual manner. I am nervous about putting a video of myself online. I already feel insecure putting out my photographs. I especially need to be more cautious since I have a son. I had a class where our motto was “building the plane while flying it” I this that motto applies more to this class than to the other one. I think that this will be a great experience and I hope to add more to this every day.

Groovy Day Today

Had a good day today with the father of my son and my son. It was a hippie kind of day since we had a nice picninc and exploration in the woods. This was today’s TDC. I’ve got “hug a tree” behind me, a tie die shirt on, some shaded glasses, a hair band, a love poster behind me, and Im flashing the old vistory sign :)


hippie me


color splash dandelion

I took this picture with my regular Canon camera and used GIMP 2 to edit it and have only the dandelion’s colors showing. I think that by doing this, it is showing how beautiful and alove the dandelion is even though we pass by them every day because they are a wild flower and very common. I want to show that though surrounded by not pretty things such as the dead grass and leaves, the life and beauty prevailed with the dandelion. Its it a symbol of a person going through life. There may be unsightly things around a person but you never know where beauty may turn up, or where life is in the world where so much is dead.

When We Were Young

    64 years later 


This couple started out meeting in their favorite stop on the way home from day care: the millkshake shop called Marko’s. As soon as they laid eyes on eachother they knew that they would be willing to share crayons. Years went on and they shared many things. Their first kisses, their first fight, their first loss when his grandma passed away and they stayed on the phone all night, their first run in with the cops when they got busted for under age drinking, their first apartment, their first home, their first baby, their first grandson. When asked whether or not she thought there couldve been someone else for her, the woman replied “Nobody couldve come close to what we had, we had a love for the ages. Im afraid his time here on earth is over, and I fear mine is over as well. We are ready to move on to the next step together.” She swiftly drank poison with a smile on her face and her soul mate’s cold hand in her hands. They lived their lives like they should have, they lived alive, they lived in love.

Young picture:

Old picture:

Come here boy!



Sid’s last day with us. This is a picture taken from Sid’s last day, this was my goodbye. We woke up early in the morning as Sid licked my face begging to be taken outside. Unlike any other day I jumped out of bed holding back tears as I knew that this would be our last morning together. Sitting patiently next to the door awaiting the green leash I always strapped on, I decided there was no need for the leash today. It was a great suprise for him to be able to run through the door freely without being 5 feet from me. We went for a jog down to the river. He found his old chewed up blue tennis ball that had been thrown more than any professional baseball player has ever thrown a baseball. With the ball in his mouth Sid ran to me like he had done every day before expecting me to play fetch. Well I broke out a new ball I had originally bought for his birthday. Sid was more excited than ever with his T-bone steak flavored ball. I threw and threw that ball until Sid’s heart was content (and beating faster than ever from exhaustion). To cool off I took Sid into the water with me. He couldn’t swim too well anymore so I took him in my arms as if he were my infant son and sang to him from my heart of all of the cherished memories we had. After shaking off all the water we raced back to the house. That day wasn’t a day to lounge around the house though, Sid deserved more than that. I let Sid ride in the front seat of my old blue pick up truck with the window down and his ears flopping in the wind. It was funny to see Sid’s drool fly back and hit the windshield of the cars behind us. I took Sid somewhere he had never been. I took Sid to the butcher’s house. There I let Sid eat $300 worth of the best steaks a girl could buy. Sid was obviously happy but it was late at that point since we had been driving around for so long. I decided it was time to bring him home for the last time. The most amazing thing happened when we got home. My cat Mikiwi rubbed up against Sid. Sid was nervous because Mikiwi always hated Sid and would scratch him for even looking at her. They became friends as if Mikiwi knew it was Sid’s time to go. Sid, Mikiwi, and I all layed on the couch together watching “All Dogs Go to Heaven” as we drifted off to sleep, one of us deeper than the others.

Unanimous Thinking



Everyone’s live throws all sorts of things from all sorts of different directions. We aren’t going to be able to adapt or conform to all of the obstacles but we can try. This is the picture I drew for the TDC. All sorts of obstacles and the brain is dodging them like in the Matrix. Let’s keep our heads up and our minds sharp!

This Is Who I Am


My name is Elizabeth King for all you my fellow DS106ers that didn’t get to see my other post from the other blog that didn’t work for me. Im just going to roll with this one. I am a mother first above everything else. I have worked hard in the past but I have a reason to work hard now. I may get an average of three hours of sleep a night but when I see my son’s (Wyatt) smile, I know that everything I am doing is worth the blood, sweat, and tears. That man beside me is Wyatt’s father and the love of my life. Everything I could ever want in life is right there in that picture. Okay, enough of the deep stuff. I am extremely sarcastic so keep that in mind for the future posts.