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Super Manning????

Here are some entries in “Peyton’s” Poem diary:

One beard of steel for the Football’s pride
One beard of steel for the times we fly
One beard of steel gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
One beard of steel for the city streets
One beard of steel for the hip hop beats
One beard of steel oh I do believe
One beard of steel is all we need

Who am I?

I am not the man they call MVP tonight

I am not the man scoring all the touchdowns

not tonight

I am “The Man:

I am Superman

I am the one who stops the crime

I am the one who is there all the time



Peyton Manning is Superman. He tries to conceal this fact with his “busy” schedule of being an awesome NFL quarterback but the helmet cant cover this story! During my interview with Peyton he practically came out as Superman. I have never seen Payton Manning and Superman in the same room, have you?
So why is it that Superman lost in the superbowl? I was on to him and he wanted to seem as if he was not invincable. We all know he is. During the day Peyton may dress up like a pretty football player but when crime calls, he steps into even tighter pants and saves the day. He is my hero, and he should be yours too!

Today Its All About Me

Description: Make a video and brag about yourself for at least two minutes. The point of this is not to make your head so big that it explodes but to build your self-esteem. Don’t brag about your children, your pets, or anything outside of you. You don’t have to dress up for this, in fact it would be better to roll out of bed and make the video. You can start off small with “I once had a good hair day like two years ago” It might help to make a list beforehand so that you can film the two minutes all at the same time. Yes, you are amazing. Tell everyone why…

Here is my submission:

(Im awful in front of the camera but I hope this makes you feel a little more comfortable doing the assignment)



How To:


Make My Day

Description: Plan your perfect day. Use either pictures you have taken, ones you draw, or ones from another source. Outline what it would be first with a schedule and then add the pictures with more specific details of what would be occurring.

Here is my own submission for this assignment:


Wake up to my son and boyfriend

Have breakfast in bed

Spend some time on the beach

Eat the perfect taco

Play and Win a softball game

Have a romantic dinner with my boyfriend

Fall asleep under the moon looking at stars

First my lovely boyfriend and son would wake me up with a kiss from each of them. I imagine it would be the best way to wake up. A soft kiss from my boyfriend and a slobbery kiss from my son. Afterwards the bed would be made up already and I would drift to the kitchen with the succulent smell of….

The best possible breakfast in the world. BACON! I would have exactly seventeen strips of bacon that would be perfectly crispy. Not overdone but not flabby either. Perfect. Then of course my considerate boyfriend would ask me what I want to do. With just one look he would know that I want to go to…

The beach! With no traffic we somehow managed to make it to Nagshead  in 10 minutes from King George. Perfect. The beach isn’t too crowded but we arent completely alone either. There is a nice breeze and the water is just right. We play soccer in the sand and just think “The Time is Now”. Hand in hand we are strolling along the water and I spot a delightful…

Taco stand! They make the perfect tacos too! The shell would never fall apart when you try to eat it. The beef would be perfectly spread on the bottom. The cheese would be completely layering the beef and melted. The lettuce would be fresh and crisp but not overpowering. The sour cream would be non-fat and cover all of the lettuce. Then of course the tomatoes would be perfectly diced, have an even number, and be ripe. Out of no where after I finished my taco Jenny Finch would come up to me and tell me she is injured so she needs me to…

Play in the softball game she was scheduled for. I would make no errors, get three home runs, and a grand slam to win the game. To celebrate my awesome boyfriend would…

Take me to a little hole in the wall restaurant that has the best chicken parmesean in the world. The noodles would be tender, taste amazing, and not have carbs. The chicken would be completely breaded and a little crispy with italian seasonings. The sauce would be from the freshest local tomatoe farmer and be toned down with a little sugar to take away from the acidity. Next, just when I think the day could not possibly get better…

My boyfriend takes me to the old field I used to play in as a kid. Nobody is around for a ways and the stars are so bright its hard to look away. I start counting my blessing on the stars but I eventually run out of stars. Just as I’m about to doze off my boyfriend would pop up excitedly, a little shakey at first, and recite a speech he had been preparing for a while. Tears would well up in my eyes because he already knows that my heart is his forever more but he wants to show everyone our love. My heart would be racing because this is the moment every girl waits for. He then pulls out, from his pocket, a small silver…..heart locket necklace. He didn’t propose but thats what keeps me going because another perfect day will come in time.


Star gazing picture

BACON picture


How to:Make My Day Tutorial





Words to the Unwise

This was today’s TDC. My Words of Wisdom Tile. The Quote is from Teddy Roosevelt.

Quite Literally a Struggle for Week 4


Never Stand on the Corner in High Heels


I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona awaitng my lovely boyfriend to find his way out of the flea market that had so many “cool things that you can’t find anywhere else”. The fact that you cannot find those things anywhere else should be a sign to high tail it out of there. Regardless I had to have some fresh air and I found myself on the corner of Winslow Arizona. An eagle flew over and it sounded as if he were singing. I think he was singing to the female eagle resting on the old Ford across the street. As I admired the divine love of the eagles I was wondering when my boyfriend would inevitably come out of the smokey flea market with an arm full of trinkets that would end up being our son’s new teething toys. I had not noticed the Cadillac circling the lot and staring at me because when you’re a mom and a girlfriend you tend to block people out like a super power. The Black Cadillac with tinted windows pulled up beside me, the window was rolled down just enough for me to see a hand with a hundred dollar bill in it and a dark pair of lonely eyes. From having no past of being a street walker I looked around to see if there was a homeless person around or a fundraiser being held. Once he uttered the words “come here pretty lady” I knew what he wanted. Why did I wear high heels that day? At that time my boyfriend once again saved the day. He came out of the flea market excitedly with an arm full of junk, saw the strange man in the car, and pulled out a gun within a second. The Cadillac sped off into the dusty cloud it had formed by spinning its tires. I ran (more likely a normal speed walk since I wore heels) to my boyfriend and he dropped all of the newly purchased trash and hugged me. I looked up at him and said “I guess you bought one useful thing in that store.” He looked down with a smirk and proceeded to shoot me……with the watergun he had just purchased that looked like a real pistol.



The New Kind of Chaplin


When Mom and Dad Are Away…


Exhausted they layed in the bed.

“That was a lot of work” they both said in unison.

“Oh that could be from the excitement” he said.

“My legs are so tired they are shaking” she said.

They both were giddy from the joy of nobody knowing, they werent supposed to do it. In fact they had been told many times not to do it.

The bed springs creaked loudly and the rapid thumping was one that the tiny bed have never experienced, nor had the girl. The boy looked towards the door.

“It will be fun” he said

“Should we really be doing this?” she said

He took her hand and ran up the stairs.

“Hey sis, after we eat this candy would you want to jump on the bed while mom and dad are still gone” he said



(The picture above is actually my brother and I)



The Ski Plane

Today’s TDC was to make a video in the spirit of flight so I cracked open a paper airplave kit I got for Christmas four years ago and made an airplane for your viewing pleasure.



TDC is the Way to Be

This is my TDC for today hopefully inspiring others to join the TDC group.