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Make Poop

The music video I used is Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” and the soundtrack I replaced his magical voice with the audio from “Make Poop”.

I downloaded the music video from Youtube using I used VideoPad to strip the actual audio from the video. I downloaded the “Make Poop” video from Youtube and took out the video part of it. I then exported the video to Youtube on my own account and embedded it here on my blog. It took a while but I think it turned out alright. After the whole process it seems that the timing is a bit off but Im going to chalk that up to adding the suspense and therefore adding to the comedy of it all.


Free the Beef!!!

The friendly cow all red and white,
when you’re a little girl
it’s quite a sight
to see a cow do a twirl.
She wanders lowing here and there,
running so fast
with her long red hair
Is she running from her past?
And blown by all the winds that pass
are the bad things thrown from her mind.
Running to a place with greener grass,
not knowing what she might find

–Robert Louis Stevenson/Elizabeth King

That’s Vut Eyem Talkin’ Bowwwt

I know I am probably alone on this but this is my favorite scene from Despicable Me. My brother and I watched this together and we replayed this scene so many times and to this day I can say “That’s What’s I’m Talkin’ Bout” in the funny voice and it will make my brother laugh…he is 28 now so its funny just to see him laugh at that. There is just something funny about the extreme dialect focus in this scene that really got to us I guess. We always like to try different accents so I guess this just hit us in the right spot.


Chugging Along Better Than Before

This week was a hell of a week. I’ve been so stressed out but when I’m doing my ds106 work, it is a bit of a break for me. I feel pretty good about completing the assignments for this week, they were very challenging but I learned more this week than the two previous ones. I really enjoyed learning Audacity. It really opened up a whole new world to me. Getting the sound embedded onto my blog was probably the toughest thing but once I took a breath I was okay. I think with my audio components that I can definately tell I prgressed over the week. I guess I would have done my reflection a bit better. I do plan on redoing it after the course is over and perhaps I wont be so microphone shy. I don’t see any issues regarding my work except for maybe my problems with other people possibly judging my voice or what personal parts I put out there. I want to focus on the present, not the past or the future. I always go too far into the past and way way too far into the future. Next week I think will be even better if we keep with the trend.


Daily Creates:





Audio Assignments:



3 (first attempt at embedding)



Audio Story:




The Broken Heart was Worse than the Broken Bones

The story: Her heart breaks. The family she thought she had vanished in the blink of an eye. He punches her though she is already 6 months pregnant. Trying to leave, she falls down the stairs. With no help but a shove out of the door she manages the walk to her car in tears not knowing if her baby is okay. She has had the sensation of broken ribs before so she knows she is not okay.  She tries to find a song on the radio to distract her from her life that is no longer there. Nothing is on the radio. She gets out of the car and slams the front door to her house. She runs up the stairs and lays in bed just wanting this world to end. She hears a knock on the door and the only man who had ever been there for her in her time of need comes in. He gives her a hug as she rubs her belly. She thinks that she may survive through this hell.

How I Created It:

This is a screen shot of my final product in audacity:

AudacityScreenI strung together quite a few different sounds, all of which came from

The links to the exact place I found them are embedded. All of the above I was able to put on one section on audacity with proper spacing after editing what I what them to sound like on a seperate section. I imported them all individually and after I was done editing the specific piece I cut and pasted it to the mother section in order.

The Rubbing hands had to be slowed down. The walking had to be sped up and more loud. The radio static was a section cut and pasted three times a second apart. The other were left the same besides being trimmed.

The two above hade their own sections because they played the entire time. I faded in and out the breathing and crying and also adjusted the volumes to where I felt it was appropriate.

After editing all of the sounds I uploaded the story to soundcloud. I then chose the picture to have as the story picture because it seemed like the heart was broken but also bruised.


Artsy Fartsy

I hope to achieve an onlooker’s understanding of my life through my work. My emotions should be bleeding from the pictures.

My choices of styles and what to do come to me in an image in my mind. I see what I need to do and in my mind there is one way that I will do it. Sometimes in the process themes are changed or a deeper understanding is realized and more embelished.

Through my work I am trying to break away from my old works and realize the here and now of my life. My life has gone through so many changes in the last few years and I keep focusing on the past and future. My work focuses on the present.



I really liked this assignment. I am an October baby so I had the pleasure of making my own sound track to the chaplin foley clip from 1.01 to 1.30.

My sounds I attempted to create are:

  • a “huff”
  • setting wood down (using a wooden pencil on my desk)
  • barking like a dog (saying ruff ruff)
  • Shhhhhhhh!
  • more barking
  • growling “rrrrr”
  • “ouvrez la porte, vite!”–Open the door, fast! ( I got excited when I saw this because I am taking my last french course and I feel like I am really becoming fluent.
  • Water splashing(I used a glass of water and swished it around)
  • Yawn
  • foot steps (i used shoes on my desk)
  • Licking the lions lips (I licked my own lips)

This experience was pretty cool. i would like to do this for skits and do voice overs on movies. It reminds me of those awful chinese movies that are completely ruined by the voice overs and are made to just be hilarious. It was cool to also work with a Chaplin piece because I have been getting very involved in French and Ive been learning about Chaplin. I do think it is a little hard to do all of the sounds in one sitting as opposed to splitting it all up into nicely made noises.


In Honor of Cheer Up The Lonely Day


I have been alone a lot in my life and it has sucked but its the encounters and the people that you meet that make everything okay. You may be lonely today but what about tomorrow? Pick up the phone and call someone you havn’t talked to in a while. You might just make their day…and they might make yours.


Modern Nightmare at 20,000ft or blame it on the alcohol

This is an audio clip from the movie “Bridesmaids” referencing the Twilight Zone. I just found the clip on youtube, recorded it, uploaded the recording to soundcloud, and then embedded the code into wordpress.

One of the bridemaids claims to see a colonial woman on the air plane’s wing and freaks everyone out. This is a reference to The Twilight Zone:Nightmare at 20,000 ft.


The link for this assignment is here