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How I’m getting sexy

It is Valentine’s day. Everyone is out on a date with their partners and being wooed with chocolates and roses.  You want to keep your partner or you want to attract a good partner. We aren’t all going to go rushing to the person who looks shabby, doesn’t have a job, and is inconsiderate of other people (unless you fit into that .00001% category). We want attractive people, for guys this may be more of a physical appearance thing but in the end you probably want a combination of physical attractiveness and someone you can talk to about things other than shoes. For girls it is somewhat of a different kind of attraction. Sure we want the tall, dark, and handsome guy but studies have shown that a man with a $200,00 income is contacted two and a half times more than a man with a $50,000 income. Now I’m not saying girls are gold diggers but they do want security and a better quality of life. This could go all the way back to cave women wanting the strongest caveman because he can provide for her and their children. Anyway, how are we all getting sexy? We are going to college and learning. Higher education yields a higher income generally. For every additional year of education there is an 8% higher income waiting for you. If not for the income, then for the knowledge. It’s a great tool that doesn’t weigh too much. An intelligent conversation can go a long way. So continue learning you sexy beasts!

Hugs for Employment

I found this article and I thought it was interesting how they found a correlation of not just unemployment but the recent recession.

Here’s the link:

It’s not a surprise that anxiety and lack of job security would affect everyone, even the kids. Let’s hope that the more unemployment dissipates the more yelling will be replaced with hugs.

Building a Plane While Flying

I’ve been researching and reading through so many different resources about a modified research question from my old one and I feel a lot better. I actually feel like I can read through and understand the more “professionally” written papers. It’s almost like I will pass this class. Seriously though my research is coming along a lot better now that I’ve modified my question and I have a better understanding of how to search through all the data to find the bits that I can incorporate into my research.