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Worth Wanting?

Everyone has different wants. From my experience everyone’s wants are VERY varied. The importance of one-hundred goose decoys is high to someone who goes goose hunting like my father, but to me I would not give them a second look. Just as I am sure that he would rather keep the twenty dollars in his wallet than buy a shirt that he just knew would make him look good. We both put different values on things. I have always been quite aware of this. Different people, households, different countries, different races, and different religions values things so differently it does not seem logical.

Economically we are not logical creatures. Psychology plays a huge role in our decision-making. Without feelings what would Christmas or Valentine’s day be like? What is the point in gift giving when you may not like what you get in return if you get anything at all? Why would giving away money essentially be a good thing? Well, unless you were obligated or forced into giving someone a gift or taking them out for a romantic dinner then the answer is that it makes you feel good. People feel good making others happy. On the receiving side it is good because you have the sentiment of the other person giving you the gift.

When a want becomes more important than a need it can become dangerous. For example young girls wanting to follow the trend and stay skinny so their desire to be skinny overrides their need to eat. Another example is addiction. Any kind of addiction may it be drugs, sex, nicotine, a video game typically takes over as a perceived “need” so other real needs that are needs for health and survival are cast aside. Let’s just stick to our basic needs and maybe we will get back on track.

Bully Re-buys

What happens when the company that is purchasing from you is most of your business? They can pay whatever they want because they make or break your company. As long as you are making a profit, not matter how small these bully companies are playing hard ball in the business field. From my perspective, though having a big company like Walmart or Wegmans as a customer would be great because they are selling your product as fast as you can make it; you also have to look at who is running the company. The  CEO of Walmart may as well stamp his name for the producer’s CEO name if Walmart is the majority of the business much like a majority stockholder. The business plan I can think of is distribute your income among many vendors so that you may be able to let the big fish swim for a while thinking you will sink without them and take them back but once they see you can live without them they will bite the hook n’ worm willingly.

The government works as they take the lowest bid for whatever they need and choose that company for that specific need. unfortunately the government makes up most of the spending so they cannot be ignored. What is to stop the companies trying to get a lower bid from lowering the quality of their materials in order to get the business? Lower cost of manufacturing the lower they can go when they make their bid. Hopefully this does not happen, I would hate for Obama’s chair to collapse because it was made out of balsa wood as opposed to oak.