Super Manning????

Here are some entries in “Peyton’s” Poem diary:

One beard of steel for the Football’s pride
One beard of steel for the times we fly
One beard of steel gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
One beard of steel for the city streets
One beard of steel for the hip hop beats
One beard of steel oh I do believe
One beard of steel is all we need

Who am I?

I am not the man they call MVP tonight

I am not the man scoring all the touchdowns

not tonight

I am “The Man:

I am Superman

I am the one who stops the crime

I am the one who is there all the time



Peyton Manning is Superman. He tries to conceal this fact with his “busy” schedule of being an awesome NFL quarterback but the helmet cant cover this story! During my interview with Peyton he practically came out as Superman. I have never seen Payton Manning and Superman in the same room, have you?
So why is it that Superman lost in the superbowl? I was on to him and he wanted to seem as if he was not invincable. We all know he is. During the day Peyton may dress up like a pretty football player but when crime calls, he steps into even tighter pants and saves the day. He is my hero, and he should be yours too!

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