TDC is the Way to Be

This is my TDC for today hopefully inspiring others to join the TDC group.


  1. Sam Kasner says:

    Great picture! I think this does a fantastic job of capturing the whole idea of this class. It shows basically every aspect of what we are trying to accomplish: from having ideas to sharing them to connecting with others through them. This picture is awesome!

  2. This is VERY VERY cool. I’m interested to know if you simply found that image, if you created it yourself, HOW you created it, etc.? I would suggest giving us a little more detail on what the Daily Create assignment was. That way, it is easier for those of us who did not do the TDC on that understand your inspiration for the assignment and where you are coming from. Also you could briefly talk about your process if you used different media tools to create this image. I’m sure we would all love to know how you did it! But either way, great job with this image. It is very well done.

  3. Jack Hylan says:

    Wow this is amazing! Did you create this from scratch because if so bravo! This is what ds106 is all about and I think you captured it to a perfect T! It most certainly is an inspiring work of art that makes me want to create!

  4. Kriezl Ypil says:

    I absolutely love your daily create because it is so creative! It’s pretty much sums up what we do in class in one picture. I would actually be interested to see how you created it! I would want to implement this for any future projects with marketing. Let me know!

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