When Mom and Dad Are Away…


Exhausted they layed in the bed.

“That was a lot of work” they both said in unison.

“Oh that could be from the excitement” he said.

“My legs are so tired they are shaking” she said.

They both were giddy from the joy of nobody knowing, they werent supposed to do it. In fact they had been told many times not to do it.

The bed springs creaked loudly and the rapid thumping was one that the tiny bed have never experienced, nor had the girl. The boy looked towards the door.

“It will be fun” he said

“Should we really be doing this?” she said

He took her hand and ran up the stairs.

“Hey sis, after we eat this candy would you want to jump on the bed while mom and dad are still gone” he said



(The picture above is actually my brother and I)



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