Legal Con-Men

Salespeople. They act like your best friend and then try to take the shirt off your back and make it seem like they did you a favor. Some companies, such as car dealerships, have a flexible price policy. A flexible price policy is one that lets the salesperson start high and still make a profit as long as they are over the cost of the wholesale. These people work on commission. My first job was a sales job and I absolutely hated it. Not because of the pay because I did make $3000 my first week but cheating the customers. Selling my product for over 5 times wholesale price was just awful. being a salesperson not only take a good personality I found but also the heart to steal money from the poorly informed consumers. With a flexible price policy the salesperson could sell just at wholesale price but they wouldn’t make a dime. Many underdeveloped countries have this policy and love when Americans are around. In so many places in America the price is what it is and there is no haggle so when Americans go to other countries they don’t haggle for the product that was just sold for $2 when they are asking $20. Stand up and haggle everyone. Many car dealerships and other places of business that have this strategy desperately want your money so walk away if the price is too high and the salesperson will be in your pocket in no time.

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