Mommy and Dadvertising

As a new mom I realize that I am very flexible with what I buy. There is no certain list to follow by. Motherhood is chaotic and there is no time for sitting down and thinking about meals or a budget. If there were time that would mean I was not spending enough time with my new little baby. At this time I buy things out of convenience. Before I had my son I would never go through a drive-thru. I would either insist on going inside or just waiting until I got to wherever i was going to get food. Now I have to eat when I can and it would be a whole other process getting my son out of the car and going inside….nobody wants to do all of that just because I have a problem choosing from the 120 item menu. Since I do not go out nearly as much as I used to the ads really do affect my purchasing decision. Before I had my son while I was pregnant I signed up for a free formula package. After a while I tried the formula and though that package cost them at least forty dollars I have bought their product several times. Not because it is the cheapest, because it isn’t, but because I tried it before I had to go out and buy formula and I knew it already worked for my son. That particular company has made their initial investment back and I’m sure that is true for most other customers. The bottom line is that new parents are very impressionable and they really should be a target market for many products because after it works for the first kid we know it will work for the second. Also when our children grow up they know the products that their parents used so it might be a handed down purchase.

I think everyone wants the best for their child/children and when it comes down to it, parenting is tiring. Parents go for convenience for the most part so whatever ads you throw at us we will most likely soak it up like a flower taking in the sun. We want the best of the best that is out there for our little angels.DSCN4370

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