To the average person they are idols, celebrities, or the famous. When you see them on TV they are “order-getters”. Its Michael Jordan making you believe that if you buy those shoes you will be just as good as him. Its Katy Perry on a Proactiv commercial making you believe that you will look just as pretty as her if you use Proactive. It’s those half-naked models in the clothing store making us feel like we will look sexy in the clothing they are wearing (or not wearing). There are so many an example of “order-getters” that it seems every company has one. What is it that makes us want to buy the things that those who are famous advertise? Maybe we feel like it will bring us closer to them. Maybe we feel like we deserve to live like they do. Maybe we just want to be as much like them as possible. Whatever it is, when a major name endorses a product we coming running. We are happy that we have something endorsed by our idol, the company is happy with all of the money coming in, and the celebrity is happy because they got a fat endorsement check from putting on a smile and saying they approve of the product. What happens when they is bad press about the celebrity though? Well the product won’t seem as shiny so sales will not be as high. The celebrity will get bad advertising credibility and all of the followers will be disappointed that their idol isn’t perfect. It is almost as if the world wants these celebrities to not be perfect, to find their flaws, just to bring them down.


Yes Paris, seeing your 0% fat body makes me want to run to

Carl Jr. and eat a fistful of cardiac arrest.

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