Piss Poor Packaging Proves Pricey

Those darn clamshell packages. People hate them. They may be very convenient and great for shipping but the problem is that consumers absolutely hate clamshell packaging. People will turn to other substitutes rather than buying the one with the packaging made in hell. I’ve learned that using a can opener can easily open the clamshell but obviously it hasn’t caught on yet.

Attractive colors and delightful pictures on packages get up reeled in for the purchase most of the time. Packaging goes a long way. Bright colors catch the buyer’s eye as they are strolling down the aisle. Pictures of a favorite character on a cereal box will have the kids insisting on the more expensive brands. Packaging is a competition among companies. We, the consumers, have no way of knowing what the good is like inside until we try it. In this case it seems we do judge the “book” by the cover it has.

Recyclable packing is a huge thing now too. Not only the things we put in the recycle bin but packages that can be used more than just after the product is taken out. I know my dad has about 100 plastic containers that once held drink mixes and now hold different nails, screws, bolts, and washers. I store all of my pictures, memorabilia, and other things neatly in old shoe boxes.

Packaging is key part of the game in today’s market. May the best color scheme/font win.


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