The Real Business of America

It has gotten away from us since all of the crime and things that could go wrong with young children alone, but lemonade stands is the kid retail world. It is retailing in its simplest form. A cute face or little misspelled sign luring in the prey. The next thing you they know they are drinking a small cup of sugar sludge that they spent five dollars on. The kid then saves all of this money and spends it on something that have been really wanting; a baby doll, video game, or something of the sorts. It takes very little persuasion for them to make that purchase but it is still retailing. Now let’s say the kid moves up in the world now that they’ve got a little jingle in their pocket and they go to a lemonade store. There are tubes all around with different kinds of lemonade. This store only sells to people with lemonade stands. Their prices are fairly cheap; a penny for a cups worth or lemonade. There are all different kinds like lemonade that is carbonated. Lemonade made from lemons from various countries. Lemonade mixed with just a little bit of other juice blends. Lemonade that is sugar-free.  Even lemonade that was lemon-free! The kid decides to buy from this wholesaler and sell their product to his customers at five dollars a cup still. The customers are more willing to pay the five dollars a cup because the quality is a lot better than what the kid was making before. It won’t be long before they make enough money to buy their own first toy car.

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  1. Lance Gentry says:

    Good job using appropriate pictures to make your point.

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