Your’e Paying for What I’m Not Seeing

I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch cable anymore. I havn’t watched cable for a long time now so all of those ads tagerting young women, moms, and athletes are being completely ignored. Netflix is the only thing I watch on TV anymore and there are  no advertisements. More and more people are watching Netflix, not just because of their lack of ads but also because of their wide selection of different things to watch. Yellow pages, newspapers, junk mail,and radio you’re all mssing me too. Yellow book, if ever I need a telephone number I can just google the number in a matter of seconds. I’m not sure who you are reaching but I am almost sure that it isn’t worth your money. Newspapers, I stopped reading the newspaper when I was no longer in it. If there is something going on around me someone will tell me about it or I will see it online. Unless your ads are for hip replacement discounts, save your money. Junk mail, you go directly into the trash. I barely have time to do anything extra outside of my school and mother duties so I am certainly not wasting my 5 seconds on reading what you’ve sent; save the trees. Last but not least to you radio. I listen to you daily but there are so many different stations and the option to play my ad-free cd that I refuse to hear about another OB opeing up in my area. I am not looking for anything outside of my normal routine so you have not gotten my attention. So how do you reach me and so many other people that are expert ad ingorers? Send us a free sample in the mail. FREE=worth my time. Put your products near the ones I by routinely or your flashy paper ads. The one ad type that does unfortunaly catch my eye are the ones on-line. I cant ignore them. I can skip the ones on youtube by putting /skip in the search bar. I can attempt not to look but those flashy 50% your first order ads get me and I will wase 30 minutes looking at your site when I should be taking advantage of my son’s nap time. 

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