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Make Poop

The music video I used is Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” and the soundtrack I replaced his magical voice with the audio from “Make Poop”.

I downloaded the music video from Youtube using KeepVid.com. I used VideoPad to strip the actual audio from the video. I downloaded the “Make Poop” video from Youtube and took out the video part of it. I then exported the video to Youtube on my own account and embedded it here on my blog. It took a while but I think it turned out alright. After the whole process it seems that the timing is a bit off but Im going to chalk that up to adding the suspense and therefore adding to the comedy of it all.


That’s Vut Eyem Talkin’ Bowwwt

I know I am probably alone on this but this is my favorite scene from Despicable Me. My brother and I watched this together and we replayed this scene so many times and to this day I can say “That’s What’s I’m Talkin’ Bout” in the funny voice and it will make my brother laugh…he is 28 now so its funny just to see him laugh at that. There is just something funny about the extreme dialect focus in this scene that really got to us I guess. We always like to try different accents so I guess this just hit us in the right spot.